Poker Zinga

Poker Zinga

It is likely that you have heard of one of the biggest game developers in social networking, who are famous for their extremely popular Facebook titles such as Farmville and Mafia Wars. It may interest you to know, then, that the very first game that they came out with when they were starting this online gaming empire was Poker Zinga, a poker game for Facebook which allows you to play the best casino games that you know and love –or to learn them from scratch if you do not already have any knowledge of them at all.

Just like all of the Facebook games that they have launched, you will be able to play for free against people from all over the world with Poker Zinga and you can also access social elements of the game to get more out of it. The more friends that you have playing, the better the game gets! You can choose which table to play at so that you can go after people that you know if you want to or simply play on your own to meet new people for the first time, and you can try different kinds of Texas hold ‘em play too. If you want to get to know the basics first or just have a relaxed game then you can go for casual play, but if you feel as though you want to unleash your competitive spirit a bit more and go for a big win then there are plenty of tournaments for you to take part in as well. You can even find VIP tables if you upgrade to the point where you are able to join them, where you can play against others like you who are determined to put their all into the game. There is a leader board included as part of the game interface so that you can see where you are in the chip rankings compared to your friends, which will help to drive you onwards as well as perhaps showing you which of your friends have the best games and should therefore be approached with caution! You can also go into the gift shop if you want to personalise your seat at the table to look a certain way when you are playing, and so that others can see the decorations that you have chosen as well.

There are of course many ways in which you can interact with others beyond just playing poker with them and seeing their chip totals, since after all Poker Zinga is the first in a long line of social based games which have a very successful format. You will see that you can chat to others whilst the game is going on so that you can engage in some discussion about how it is going, you can complete challenges to keep your score growing and ensure that you have ever more chips to play with, and you can send and receive gifts from the gift store to any of your friends. You can even send them some poker chips so that you get to finance their play for a while, and hopefully you will also get some back! This is clearly a winning format as it has been around for more than four years already without any sign of the company wanting to close it down or replace it with something else, and in that time it has reached the position of fourth most popular game on Facebook – and managed to keep it, while many others have come and gone. These days you can even download it as an app to your smart phone so that you can take it on the go with you and continue to earn those chips even when you are not at your computer, as it is available on both Google Android and Apple iOS for you to install whenever you like for the ultimate in convenience. Records show that in the Apple App Store, which is famed for being very changeable and also a good indicator of what the best apps of all time are, it has been a top ten grossing game, which is yet another testament to the fun and entertainment that it provides to any and all players.

Make sure that you follow all of the usual steps of liking the Facebook page which is associated with the app and following them in all kinds of social media ways that you can, as you will be able to take advantage of a lot of great bonus deals and offers which are available to fans of Poker Zinga, such as free poker chips given away on a regular basis or the chance to take part in events which you might otherwise have missed. There are plenty of ways to find other players and become Facebook friends with them as well if you want to, so make sure that you go in this direction if you want to keep track of the best players in the game and perhaps measure yourself against their chip totals. Even if you have not looked at this game before, you are likely to recognise the logo that accompanies it, as the redheaded curvaceous woman holding a king and ace of hearts has been one of the most famous symbols of Facebook social gaming thanks to the fact that it is ubiquitous in adverts and app store posts.

As a last word, we should take a moment to discuss the look of Poker Zinga and how it measures up to the real cash poker rooms that you would find online if you were looking for that sort of play: it shows the other players around the table in a circular shape as though you were really sitting next to them all, and very clearly marks out what bets they have placed down as well as their usernames and any other actions they have taken, which is certainly sufficient to prepare you for real games.

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